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The World’s Best Wrinkle Cream: Topical Vitamin A

Topical Vitamin A is the World’s Best Wrinkle Cream

Well before Explorer Ponce de Leon set out for his quest to discover the Fountain of Youth, people have been searching for a way to stave off the effects of aging. If only Ponce de Leon could have lived in the early 1970’s, he would have seen FDA approval of Tretinoin, a prescription strength topical Vitamin A in 1971 and perhaps would have been content that the fountain of youth may very well come in a tube.

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Plastic surgery: ‘Wild West’ of medicine

(CNN) — Martha* had decided to undergo a breast augmentation. She researched doctors and found one she thought was well-qualified; ads in magazines touted him as board-certified and a top plastic surgeon in the area.

Martha met with him for a consultation and underwent the procedure in his office several weeks later. But at home that night, she discovered a shocking sight:

Her breast implants were lodged in her armpits.

The next morning, she rushed back to her doctor's office. He inspected her chest and, with a quizzical look on his face, declared, "I have never seen this before."

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Biofilms Cause Havoc for Breast Implants

Recent statistics show as many as 60-thousand patients a year  experience capsular contracture in the United States alone. It’s the most common complication of aesthetic and reconstructive breast implant surgery. The nearly 20 percent of  patients who develop capsular contracture *(see note below) will see signs of breast firmness, shape distortion, and sometimes pain within the first two years of breast implant surgery.

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Buyer beware of cosmetic procedures at spas

As more spas and salons offer cosmetic procedures, experts warn potential patients to beware. “Something as simple as an injectable, a patient can have an allergic reaction, and if a med spa isn’t equipped to handle that, a simple trip to a med spa can be disastrous,” said plastic surgeon Leo McCafferty, president of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The Miami Herald Cosmetic procedures are on the rise, resulting in an ever-growing onslaught of youth- and beauty-enhancing practitioners.

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Social media maybe influencing women to consider plastic surgery

CINCINNATI – Could social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn be leading more people to get plastic surgery? The answer is yes.

All of the social media sharing is driving some people like Kathy Grogan who wanted to improve her appearance to the plastic surgeon's office. Before getting plastic surgery, Grogan says she was not comfortable in front of the camera and she had the pictures to prove it.

"Now, I find myself posting them myself and they're candid, not still shots," Grogan said. "But it's like at the Reds game last week, they took a picture of me and I posted it on Facebook because it looked so good. And I was very excited that I looked that good."

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