Aging is Inevitable. That does not mean we have to accept all the changes that take place in the skin of the face and neck as we mature. It is possible to allow maturity without appearing older than we are or looking older than we feel. Face lifts (rhytidectomy) and neck lifts are designed to help alleviate the signs of aging and the distress we may feel when looking in the mirror or at our photos.

Face lifts will address the loose skin of the cheeks and the collection of sagging skin on the jawline known as jowls. The muscle layer of the face is tightened and the exess facial skin trimmed away leaving a younger appearance. Dr. Reilly will also assess whether you are a good candidate for fat grafting to the face. This is where small amounts of your own fat are injected into areas of the face that appear flattened or hollow due to the aging process. Dr. Reilly’s special technique developed over years of experience allows restoration of facial volume. These areas can include the cheeks, the sides of the upper lip known as the nasolabial folds, and below the corners of the lower lip known as the marionette lines. Dr. Reilly’s opinion is that the best outcomes are achieved when we focus not just on tight skin but on appropriate restoration or creation of facial contours and fullness that were lost over time or never present at all.

Some patients may only need to address the sagging skin of the neck and this can be improved through a procedure known as a neck lift. The thin layer of muscle under the loose skin is tightened and flattened and the extra skin is removed often through incisions behind the ear only and so visible scarring tends to be hidden.

If you have performed the “finger facelift,” stretching your loose skin in front of the mirror and enjoying the results it may be time to consider a surgical treatment. Dr. Reilly will listen to your goals, examine your skin, and advise you if a face or neck lift is an appropriate aption Dr. Reilly will spend as much time with you as you need to have all your questions answered.

Dr. Reilly has built a reputation for trusted, personalized care in Shelton, CT and the surrounding areas. His expertise in plastic surgery is a reason he was appointed as Chief, Section of Plastic Surgery at the Griffin Hospital, an affiliate of Yale New Haven Hospital.

Based on his years of experience, Dr. Reilly can help provide you with all the information needed to make an informed decision on what procedures will give you the best results. Dr. Reilly takes pride in helping transform people’s lives through improving their appearance.

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