MEDFORD, Ore. — Plastic surgery is most common among older patients who want to try to appear younger, but a national study shows that this is changing. A new report shows that 15 percent of teenagers and young adults in the u-s consider going under the knife for plastic surgery. A local plastic surgeon says he thinks those statistics are reflected here in Medford.

More teenagers and young adults are going under the knife in Medford and plastic surgeon Dr. Earl Parrish says they make up a big chunk of his patients. Dr. Parrish has seen procedures to the nose, ears and chest to be on the rise and most common among younger patients.

"It's very accepted," states Dr. Parrish. "I mean most people will talk about it in the younger age group whereas people in their 60's will say ‘I don't know if I want my friends to see this'."

A new report shows that nearly 9 out of ten girls and 7 out of ten boys would change something about their bodies if they could and those that do decide to make changes seem to be going with non invasive procedures that have little or no down time, such as botox or lip injections.

"Plastic surgery as opposed to general medical procedures has not had hardly any price inflation over the last 5 or 10 years," says Dr. Parrish.

But despite the increase in patients over the past ten years, Dr. Parrish is quick to point out that not all procedures are right for young adults who may still be developing.

"That's something that they need a consultation for and they may be turned down at that age," says Dr. Parrish

Nationally, 2011 saw a 69% increase in chin augmentations among patients, ages 13 to 19, from the previous year.

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