Why Compression Garments are Critical, Post-Surgery

One of the topics concerning many of our patients when scheduling a procedure is whether or why they need to wear compression garments after their surgery. There are several important reasons why compression garments are so critical post-surgery. We’ll explain them here and are always happy to answer any additional questions you have over the phone or during a consultation.

So, why wear compression garments while you recover from cosmetic surgery? 

Filler in the lips

Top 3 Cosmetic Procedure Trends for 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has many of us ready to ring in a new year in the hopes that life will return to some version of the “normal” we were used to. Until it does, we will continue conducting our personal and professional lives over Zoom, FaceTime, and social media. Which means we will continue to hone in on those aesthetic issues that drive us crazy. 

Not surprisingly, cosmetic procedures are as popular as ever, pandemic aside. These are the top three cosmetic procedures trending in 2020.

Surgical Instruments

Understanding Cosmetic vs. Reconstructive Surgery

When you’re considering plastic surgery of any kind, it helps to know the difference between cosmetic vs. reconstructive surgery. Although the surgical procedures involved in both are similar enough, the purposes behind the two are significantly different. Check out our quick breakdown and feel confident understanding the difference between these two types of plastic surgery.

Mondor's Cords

Making Sense of Mondor’s Cords

If you’re considering breast augmentation, you might have been cautioned about Mondor’s cords, also known as Mondor’s disease or thrombophlebitis. However you refer to it, Mondor’s is considerably rare and likely not something you will have to worry about, especially given its benign nature. 

Here, we offer a quick explanation of this condition, which will hopefully provide you with plenty of peace of mind to schedule your consultation or surgery. 


Understanding Otoplasty, aka “Ear Pinning”

When most of us think of plastic surgery, we tend to envision particular areas of the body like the breasts, buttocks, and belly. While these, along with hips and thighs, are popular target zones for reshaping and sculpting, plenty of people are eager to change other prominent features, like their ears. In this case, they might consider an otoplasty, which is more commonly described as “ear pinning.” 

What does an otoplasty entail and who makes a good candidate? Read on for more details… 


How to Evaluate Before and After Breast Augmentation Photos

When considering a significant surgical procedure like breast augmentation, it can be overwhelming to examine before and after photos, trying to envision what your results might look like. For this reason, Dr. Sterling Provides a broad spectrum of body and breast shapes and sizes. A real-life, busy breast practice isn’t just “perfect small breasts that become perfect bigger breasts”. All breasts are different whether due to age, childbirth, weight change or simply our genetics. Dr. Sterling has treated all of those throughout his career.

It’s critical to remember that individual results do vary from patient to patient, due to body type, symmetry, and the extent of the breast augmentation. For instance, while one patient might be interested in a subtle change, close enough to their natural shape, another could demand a more dramatic and noticeable outcome. 

Looking through before and after photos is a smart strategy ahead of your surgery; however, you should know what you’re looking for…