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Breast augmentation is known by several other names, including augmentation mammaplasty, breast enlargement and breast implants. It is one of the most commonly performed procedures performed by plastic surgeons today, and involves the use of implants to improve the contour of your breasts. There are many reasons women undergo augmentation including loss of volume after pregnancy or weight loss, or simply to fulfill your desire for larger breasts, or provide balance to your physique. The majority of women have some unevenness in the size or position of their breasts, and implants can be very helpful in correcting this asymmetry. Whatever your reason for choosing breast augmentation, you can be confident that it will enhance your natural beauty and improve your self-confidence.

There are several questions you may ask yourself prior to deciding if breast augmentation is right for you. It can be a mistake if a plastic surgeon considers the procedure a routine or one-size-fits-all operation. On the contrary, it is a procedure that is tailored specifically to your breast and chest dimensions, as well as, to the size you desire. The before and after photos that are provided demonstrate a wide variety of breast sizes and shapes so that you can get a sense of the broad range of excellent results that are possible. If you have mild breast sagging (also called ptosis), implants can help improve this, although more severe drooping may require a breast lift (also known as mastopexy). These procedures can be combined in many cases to not only give you larger breasts but also restore a more youthful appearance to your chest.

The Consult

Breast augmentation consultations are a two-step process.  For your first visit you will meet with one of our medical staff who has been working with Dr. Sterling for over 11 years and is very knowledgeable in the assessment of patients. These appointments are scheduled on Fridays and the consultation fee is $125. When you schedule your procedure, the $125 fee is deducted from the cost of the surgery.  During this initial consultation you will have the opportunity to undergo sizing, have the procedure explained, as well as, have all of your questions answered in a relaxed atmosphere.  After this visit, an appointment is then scheduled for a consultation with Dr. Sterling.  By the time the patient comes in for their appointment with Dr. Sterling they have a good understanding of the proposed surgery and the expected outcome.  Dr. Sterling will review the initial consultation and answer any remaining questions before examining you and finalizing the plan for your surgery.  Consultations with Dr. Sterling are scheduled on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Dr. Sterling performs surgery on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Breast augmentation is a purely elective surgical procedure which means that it is only performed if you are in good health. A full history and focused physical examination is performed at the time of your consultation with the doctor, and clearance from your regular physician is required prior to proceeding with surgery. Safety is our primary concern in aesthetic surgery and we take every precaution to ensure an excellent outcome.

Together we discuss the details of the procedure and determine the proper size and type of implant. Most women are opting for silicone implants nowadays, but saline implants can still give beautiful, natural results in most cases. Almost all implants are placed in a subpectoral position (under the muscle) to provide a more natural appearance, protect from bottoming-out, and to lessen the risk of capsular contracture. Preoperative photos of your breasts will be taken to be part of your chart and remain completely confidential. Once you are satisfied that all of your questions have been answered the process of scheduling your breast augmentation can begin.

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What are the different types of implants and which is right for me?

The two types of implants used today are saline and silicone. There are also different shapes, including tear-drop (called anatomic) and round; and both smooth and textured. The vast majority of implants used for cosmetic purposes are smooth, round implants either silicone or saline. There are very specific indications for using the other types and that may be determined at your consult.

Saline implants are filled with sterile salt water that is injected into the implant after it has been placed in the pocket at the time of surgery. It is very important to properly fill the implant to ensure a natural look and feel to the breast. In the case of leakage or rupture, the body absorbs the saline harmlessly and the deflation is easily noticeable.

Silicone implants are filled with a polymeric gel of the element silicon which we all naturally have small amounts of in our bodies. The FDA has approved these implants for use in women 22 years of age and older, after many years of exhaustive studies proved that they cause absolutely no harm to women. Silicone implants may be used in younger women if the surgeon determines that a significant asymmetry or abnormality exists. Implant rupture may be harder to detect and could require an ultrasound or MRI to make the determination. Even so, the gel remains in the pocket that your body creates around the implant and is not dangerous. To read more about saline vs silicone, visit our saline vs silicone page.

What type of anesthesia is used?

All breast augmentation is done under general anesthesia which is exceedingly safe. The public perception of anesthesia being dangerous was from a previous era when the current drugs and practices weren’t available. For healthy individuals, general anesthesia carries virtually the same risk as sedation. All of my patients are administered anesthesia by experienced MDs at a brand new facility with the latest and safest equipment.

What incision should I choose and should my implant go above or below the muscle?

The two most commonly performed incisions are through the fold under the breast (called the inframammary fold) and around the nipple (periareolar). Other approaches are in the armpit (axillary) and belly button (umbilical). Approximately 95% of my augmentations are done via the fold incision as it provides the best visualization and a highly acceptable scar that is hidden by a bikini top. If you have very small breasts, a periareolar incision may be preferable and gives the exact same results. I do not perform the armpit and belly button approaches because I feel that they don’t provide the same consistently excellent and reliable results that I achieve with the others.

Placing the implants behind the muscle provides multiple advantages including protection from capsular contracture, more accurate mammography, better coverage and camouflage of the implant, and protection from bottoming out. If adequate breast tissue is present, the implant will be well-disguised regardless of being placed above or below the muscle.  Also, since silicone implants are used almost exclusively again, subglandular implants provide much more consistent and excellent results.  Implants placed above the muscle is also called subglandular or suprapectoral augmentation.  It is an excellent choice that can provide superior results when properly indicated.  Indications for subglandular augmentation include minimal ptosis, bodybuilding or fitness models that pose while flexing, desire to avoid a breast lift or personal preference.  The most common indication for implants above the muscle is bodybuilders that are posing and are bothered by movement of the implant while flexing.  There is a slightly higher risk of capsular contracture but the risk is still approximately only 10%.

What are the risks and complications associated with breast augmentation surgery?

Below you will see listed the risks/complications that are possible. The thing to keep in mind, however, is that the chance of having any of these problems is exceedingly low in my practice.

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Hypertrophic scarring
  • Capsular contracture (see separate article describing)
  • Altered nipple sensation (usually increased early)
  • Implant rupture or leakage
  • Rippling (usually due to improperly filled implants)
  • Implant malposition
  • Deep vein thrombosis (blood clots in the legs)
  • Need for revisional surgery
  • Cardiac or pulmonary complications
Do the implants last forever?

Implants are not permanent and will need to be replaced at some point. Most implants will last a minimum of 20 years however. The rupture rate is roughly 10% at twenty years which is very acceptable. Excellent warranties are provided by the two implant manufacturers which cover almost the entire cost of replacement surgery and also provide for free implants. You can rely on the fact that your results will be long-lasting and it should be many years before you need to consider any revisional surgery.

Is there a lot of pain involved in breast augmentation?

The amount of pain you experience is somewhat subjective, but the majority of women have mild to modest discomfort. Long-lasting local anesthetic is injected into the breast pocket at the time of surgery which provides extended relief during the period of most pain, which is the first evening. You are provided with prescriptions for narcotics to provide relief during the first several days after your operation. Beginning ibuprofen (Advil, Aleve, Motrin) the evening of surgery usually allows discontinuation of the narcotics by the second day. I have performed hundreds of breast augmentations both with and without pain catheters left in at the time of surgery, and it is my opinion that the difference in pain levels is minimal. If you prefer the use of pain catheters it can be arranged. We also provide mild sedatives which I encourage you to take the night before surgery to ease any anxiety that you might be experiencing. The key to excellent control of pain and anxiety is never allowing it to become significant in the first place!

What are Mondor's Cords?

Mondor's CordsMondor's Cords are firm cord-like bands that sometimes form just under the skin near the breast. One or more cords may appear. They are completely harmless and affect a small percentage of women. They can be painful and usually begin 1 to 4 weeks following surgery. Warm compresses and anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen help to alleviate the discomfort. They will eventually go away in a month or two.

Do you have a lot of experience with breast augmentation?

As I mentioned above, I have performed hundreds of breast augmentations and breast procedures are a large part of my practice. I had the opportunity to operate with many surgeons during my training and in doing so developed my own style which incorporates the best of all approaches. In addition to breast augmentation I perform breast reduction, mastopexy (breast lift), nipple-areolar reduction, and inverted nipple correction, as well as many other breast-related procedures.

How soon can I return to exercise?

I prefer that my patients stay active and in fact require that you are up and walking around the evening of surgery. Light exercise can begin after several days, not including chest-specific weight training though. All restrictions are removed after six weeks, and sometimes even earlier depending on your personal progress. It is important to follow all instructions during the early postoperative period to ensure excellent results. I always remind my patients that they went through the effort to have the surgery and to give themselves the proper time to recover.

What happens on the day of my surgery?

You arrive at the facility approximately an hour prior to your scheduled time of surgery. The skilled nursing staff greets you and takes you to a private room in the preoperative area where you change and complete the admission process. You then meet your anesthesiologist who reviews your history with you and explains the procedure of going to sleep and waking up in the most comfortable and safe way possible. I arrive shortly thereafter to mark you for your surgery and answer any last minute questions that you might have. You receive a single dose of intravenous antibiotics as prophylaxis against infection and are then taken into the operating room where you comfortably drift off to sleep and wake up 45 minutes later with your new implants in place. After a short time in the recovery room you are taken back to the private room where you began before surgery. Your nurse then reviews the postoperative instructions that we provided you with and gets you ready for discharge usually within two hours of leaving the operating room. You can expect a call from me that evening to make sure that you are doing well. Remember, my phone number is provided to you and is on 24/7 for my patients.

Do I see you after my surgery?

You are seen in the office the day after your surgery so that one of our medical staff can review your exercises with you to help initiate implant mobility and soften the pocket. I see you multiple times out to at least one year following your surgery, and anytime after that if you desire. My goal is to provide excellent and long-lasting results in a practice that is always there for you.

What are the different types of implants and which is right for me?

Silicone implants are filled with a polymeric gel of the element silicon which we all naturally have small amounts of in our bodies. The FDA has approved these implants for use in women 22 years of age and older, after many years of exhaustive studies proved that they cause absolutely no harm to women. Silicone implants may be used in younger women if the surgeon determines that a significant asymmetry or abnormality exists. Implant rupture may be harder to detect and could require an ultrasound or MRI to make the determination. Even so, the gel remains in the pocket that your body creates around the implant and is not dangerous.

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To learn more about the implants we use, please visit our implants page by clicking here.

Click here for additional information from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Several friends have gotten breast augmentation with other surgeons

Several friends have gotten breast augmentation with other surgeons, but none of them experienced the professionalism and comfort that I received. From the call from Dr. Sterling the day before surgery to all of the check-up appointments afterwards, I have felt grateful and very comfortable. Thank you!


I have always been extremely self-conscious of my body especially my breast

I have always been extremely self-conscious of my body especially my breast. Going through life being called a man was not easy so I have always wanted to have the Breast augmentation surgery, but I wanted it done right. A little over a year ago I found Dr. Sterling after searching through the “Best” plastic surgeons on the east coast. When I had my first visit his nurse Ellen was amazing, she made me more relaxed about the surgery and helping me find my perfect “fit”. She explained to me how the different incisions and placement would affect movement and healing process. She was also a big help with size, I didn’t want them too big, however I am 5’9’’ so I wanted something proportionate and natural looking. I immediately booked my visit with the doctor before I left that day. After meeting with Dr. Sterling and Sara, I was even more convinced he was the perfect Doctor to be performing my surgery. He explained that he wouldn’t go too big to make me unnatural looking and gave me an option of three sizes to go with. He also explained the procedure to me and what I would be experiencing before and after, which relaxed me even more. I was really nervous the day of the surgery and everyone over at BASC was amazing, they made sure I was comfortable and everyone was really nice. When I got to the OR his nurse Ellen was there, which made things even better to know that I had a familiar face there with me. Before I knew it I was awake, the nurses were all patient and weren’t shoving me out the door. The next day I saw Ellen in the office and she helped me with my exercises and placing me with a band. I have nothing but awesome things to say about everyone in his office, plus himself. I recently went in for a consult on fillers and instead of wanting the money respectfully told me that I didn’t need them and referred me to the esthetician in his office. I cannot express my gratitude towards what he did, when some doctors wouldn’t have the best interest of the client in mind. I would recommend anyone considering any type of procedure to come in and talk with Dr. Sterling. I couldn’t be happier with the results and professional from Dr. Sterling and his Staff!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making one of my greatest wishes come true

Dr. Sterling,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making one of my greatest wishes come true. I waited 34 years to have breast augmentation. It was always something I wanted since I was 18, but I could never justify it in my mind spending money on cosmetic surgery. I had other expenses more pressing and important than my vanity. Over the years I was always self-conscious of my body, but never allowed it to affect my confidence.

A few years ago, I revisited the idea and took it more seriously. Two husbands later, my children grown, I decided it was time to put me first; something I haven’t done since college days. When I visited your office for my first consultation I was instantly greeted and felt at ease at once. The staff is exceptionable and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. From the sizing to post-op they were amazing! No questions were silly, even though they have answered those questions hundreds of times before. I was treated like I was the only patient of the day. Even though I was nervous about what to expect, all my questions and concerns were put to rest.

Dr. Sterling, when you walked into the room, I immediately felt like I had made the right decision to visit your office. You were friendly, direct, kind, patient and extremely knowledgeable. Never did I feel rushed, silly for wanting this procedure at my age.
When I inquired about abdominoplasty as well, you said I would make an excellent candidate. I had not considered it prior, because of cost, but when I learned that you could do both at the same time and it was still affordable I was thrilled. I had been self-conscious of all my stretch marks and excess skin from pregnancies for years especially in the bedroom. Even though I knew I was attractive, I never truly felt it when I was naked. I tried exercising for years, but could never seem to get rid of the flab or as it turns out excess skin.
Having the breast augmentation and abdominoplasty was the best decision I made in a very long time. Not only do I look and feel amazing, but I did it for me! I didn’t do it to get a guy, to impress others, or because I am self-absorbed. I did it because I deserved it. I waited a long time and put my children, family first. Once my daughter entered her final year of college I knew it was time to put myself first.

Dr. Sterling, you gave me my life back. I not only feel beautiful and sexy, but all my back issues have been resolved. I was ready to consult the spine institute about my pain. I decided to wait until after my surgery with you. I didn’t want to put off what I had been putting off for over 30 years. I am so glad I did! I feel like a new person. I know you didn’t advertise this feature and maybe I am the only one who has had this problem, but it literally changed my poster after the surgery. Sewing up all my muscles made such a difference and I look like I have a supermodel body! LOL

Thank you for making me feel whole and sexy again, not just a mom. I feel like I have a new lease on life! I feel like I got my life back free of pain and every time I look in the mirror I feel and look beautiful. I could never have done this without you! You truly are a miracle worker in my mind and I couldn’t be happier with my results! I have and will continue to recommend you to all my friends, acquaintances and even strangers. I can’t thank you enough for giving me my confidence back. It is funny how much one’s appearance can affect their personality and life. I never realized it until I experienced it myself. Now I hold my head up high, I’m excited to start my next 30 years with a brand-new attitude and look!

There is not enough Thank you’s to convey my gratitude! Thanks for being such an incredible surgeon and just great guy! YOU ROCK!!!!


Having had three breast surgeries over the past 20 years

Having had three breast surgeries over the past 20 years my husband was not happy when I told him I wanted one more. My first two surgeries were simple augmentations, first saline then silicone. My third was a mastopexy four years ago where I kept my same implants. I was NEVER happy with the outcome, they were saggy, my left areola was much larger, oddly shaped and constantly protruded out of my bra coupled with all around scarring that was irregular and uneven. When I went for my consultation with Dr. Sterling he was confident he could help give me my desired look and he did not disappoint! My breasts now look like they should have looked when I was in my 20’s (but never did)! He fixed everything then fixed a little more. The quality of his work was far beyond my expectations, and I couldn’t possibly be happier with the results.

His office staff is extremely efficient and I never once waited beyond my allotted appointment time. When I had a question, I called or emailed and their response was immediate. Thank you for providing such excellent, gentle and skilled services.


I can’t thank Dr. Sterling and his staff enough

I can’t thank Dr. Sterling and his staff enough! I did a lot of research before driving over an hour to visit Dr. Sterling. I loved his before and after pictures more than any other doctor that friends recommended. His staff is super friendly and personable. I had a breast augmentation that brought my chest from a small B to a D. People constantly say that it looks like I was born with my chest. They look and feel incredible! After surgery, I was up and walking around fine after 3-4 days. Dr. Sterling also is very kind and called the night before surgery and later that day after surgery to ask if I had any questions and to check up on how I was feeling. I have my dream body, and it was minimal pain, hassle, or effort. They showed me sizes that would look right, and put my mind at ease by answering all my questions. I cannot recommend him and his wonderful staff enough!


Dr. Sterling and his staff are absolutely amazing

Dr. Sterling and his staff are absolutely amazing! I was looking into breast augmentation for years, but never found a doctor I was comfortable with. When I first met the staff for my consult they were so knowledgeable but yet very helpful. I was so undecided about size for I wasn’t going for the oversized look but I did not want to be too small nor too big. They really listened to what I was looking to look like and helped me pick the perfect size for my body. After deciding to book my appointment to have the surgery done I must have called a hundred times with questions or concerns I had forgotten to ask and never did they seem annoyed with me that I called so much but instead made me feel like they cared and were happy to answer any and all questions to put my mind at ease. On the day of surgery it went very fast and easy… I had absolutely no bruising and they made sure I was comfortable as far as pain went. I had trouble sleeping due to not being able to get comfortable and they had no issues with calling me in a prescription for Ambien. I’ve had many friends also go through Dr. Sterling and also thought he was amazing but they all had amazing results with their procedures. He really takes pride in his work and truly is amazing at what he does. I would highly recommend Dr. Sterling!!

Thank you so so much for all you did for me and finally giving me the confidence I was looking for with breast augmentation. I really can’t say enough about this office!


I am a 49 year old woman who had breast augmentation done with Dr. Sterling in June 2013

I am a 49 year old woman who had breast augmentation done with Dr. Sterling in June 2013. After nursing 3 babies and with gravity taking its toll due to my age, I needed help in this department! I chose to go with a small size (275cc) as I was striving for a conservative and very natural look for my age and my body size. I could not be more thrilled with my results!

My ONLY regret is that I wish I had had the procedure done years ago! I spent too many years being unhappy with my body and feeling so self-conscious to the point where I would avoid looking into a mirror without a shirt. It’s amazing to look in the mirror now and actually like what I see!

Dr. Sterling was always very professional and courteous with me. I let him know in my initial consultation exactly what I was looking to achieve, and he helped me pick the appropriate implant for my body type and age. I appreciated the fact that he called me the night before my surgery to make sure I was doing ok and to answer any last minute questions I might have. His staff helped me during the recuperation period with multiple follow-up visits, hands-on demonstrations of the post-op exercise, and making sure that I was healing properly.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Sterling to any of my friends considering plastic surgery, and I would use him again in a heartbeat if I ever decide to have another procedure performed in the future.


I have wanted a breast augmentation and labiaplasty since as far back as I could remember

I have wanted a breast augmentation and labiaplasty since as far back as I could remember. Once a co-worker of mine took the plunge to get a breast augmentation. I knew this dream of mine was not impossible and was actually quite common. I did endless amounts of research on every plastic surgeon from Massachusetts to Miami. I had finally narrowed down my choices to five surgeons. I went to all five consultations and interrogated each doctor about where the surgery was performed, what the cost was, how many breast augmentations they performed annually, the length of surgery, the prophylactic antibiotics used during surgery, whether or not they offered Care Credit, the length of the incision/scar, whether or not they used a funnel to place the implant, what they believed attributed to capsular contracture, and how they did their best to prevent it. I also read each surgeon’s online reviews and testimonials.

The reason I chose Dr. Sterling as my surgeon was based on many factors. First and foremost, I trusted him because of how sincere and honest he was. I had never had surgery before and he made me feel comfortable, trusting him and the staff members at The Elliot Hospital. I even slept soundly the night before surgery because of how confident I was in his ability to do the best job possible. I was impressed when I received my surgery quote that there was a financial break down of the surgeon fee, anesthesia fee, cost of the implants and facility fee so I knew what my money was being allocated to. I also liked the fact that he schedules follow-up post operatively for the day after surgery, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year as opposed to most surgeons who only see you 1 week post operatively. He also required a CBC (complete blood count) and medical clearance to make sure I was healthy before performing surgery which speaks to his integrity to do the right thing. As a registered nurse, I was impressed by his due diligence when he had me prep my body three days preoperatively with Betadine in the shower in order to decrease any risk of infection. His staff was equally wonderful and helped me pick the appropriate implant size true to how it actually looks post operatively. They also talked to me about all my options such as silicone as opposed to saline, and submuscular (under the muscle) as opposed to submammary (over the muscle), and the inframmary incision mark. Dr. Sterling was able to perform both surgeries on the same day in less than 2 hours.

I had both procedures done on Thursday and I had friends over for take-out the same night. I went for my post-op appointment on Friday, went for a drive to the beach with friends on Saturday, and was able to drive on my own and go to a cookout on Sunday. I was back at work by Tuesday with zero pain from my breast augmentation and minimal discomfort from my labiaplasty. I was back in the gym, walking on the treadmill by Wednesday. It was such a minimally invasive surgery with practically no down time. I have heard of several recovery horror stories from friends who needed to be bandaged for a week and wear a sports bra 24/7 for 6 weeks. Dr. Sterling does not server through the entire muscle and requires no bandages or bra use. I was able to wear regular clothing the day of surgery and conceal the fact that I got surgery to my fellow coworkers once I resumed work, since I had no bandages.

I finally feel proportionate and feminine for the first time in my life. I am thrilled with the shape, size, texture, and look of my submuscular silicone gel implants. Looking back, my only regret is that I wish I would have done this surgery sooner.


I was born into a small breasted family and always knew I wanted to do breast augmentation

I was born into a small breasted family and always knew I wanted to do breast augmentation. I had researched several plastic surgeons when Sterling Plastic Surgery was recommended to me by two friends that had their surgery done there and were highly satisfied I went for my first consultation and the staff was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, made me feel completely comfortable. I met with Sarah, Dr. Sterling’s medical assistant and she was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions, explained the procedure, and the differences between saline and silicone, what fits best with my body as well as with what I wanted.

When I met with Dr. Sterling, he was very informative, confident and really cared about making things happen the way I wanted them, and he answered any more questions I had. The day before my surgery, Dr. Sterling called me to remind me of what I needed to do to prepare for surgery and make sure I was doing ok!

The staff at the hospital were so nice as they prepped me, Dr. Sterling checked up on me and next thing I knew, surgery was done! I was up and walking within the hour! I felt great. My recovery went so smooth. Was back to work in 10 days! Dr. Sterling and his staff had made this process so exciting and easy!

My breasts look exactly the way I had asked and hoped for! I am so blessed to have found the best surgical team! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


As I sit and write this letter, a testimonial long overdue considering the daily gratitude I feel for Dr. Sterling

As I sit and write this letter, a testimonial long overdue considering the daily gratitude I feel for Dr. Sterling, I can say I am perfectly happy with my body and I feel confident and beautiful. I am tall and thin and my body was never an issue for me before I had children. We all find flaws in ourselves, but I knew I was pretty darn lucky. I had twins in 2007. Having any child is detrimental to a woman’s body, but having twins is complete body trauma. When I was pregnant my abdomen and breasts were so huge and stretched, I looked like I could tip over. I watched my body change, and although having children was a wonderful and exciting time for me, it was strange to see what was familiar and likable about my body disappear. No one knows how her body will react to pregnancy and I know some people bounce right back. That was impossible for me.

When my twins were 3-years old I realized I was mourning for my pre-pregnancy body. No one who knows me would characterize me as a self-centered or vain person. I felt guilty thinking about myself and considering the possibility of plastic surgery, however, I also understood that pregnancy had changed my body dramatically, and it seemed logical to repair the damage. My breasts really deflated after I was done nursing, from a C cup to an AA cup. Before my implants, I had very little breast tissue left, my breasts just sat on my ribs, in a manner I imagine only seen on an old woman. The skin on my stomach was loose and rippled with stretch marks. I was embarrassed to wear a bathing suit, even a one piece, and I was self-conscious about my body in front of my husband. I didn’t look at myself in the mirror.

It was my mother who actually told me to at least go to a consultation. She truly understood how uncomfortable I was about how I looked. She said, “People repair dents and scratches on cars even if it’s only cosmetic. You should not feel guilty for wanting to repair your body after pregnancy.”

I researched plastic surgeons extensively before scheduling any consultations. After meeting Dr. Sterling I knew I didn’t need to look any further. What impressed me most about Dr. Sterling when I first met him was not only how knowledgeable and intelligent he was, but also how warm and funny he was. He listened to all of my concerns, and spent a significant amount of time talking to me. Plastic surgery is a big decision, and knowing that the Dr. is taking it as seriously as you are is really important. Dr. Sterling was a remarkable listener and such a likable person that I knew instantly that he was the one. It’s like picking out your wedding dress, you just know!

Dr. Sterling gave me a mini-tummy tuck and breast implants in mid-August. I was able to go back to teaching 2 weeks later with no pain. I was blown away by the rapidity of my recovery and the speed in which my implants dropped into place and became soft and natural. I have spoken to many other women, who went to other doctors, who took over three months to start showing final results after breast augmentation. Within one week my incisions were healed. In one month my breasts looked amazing. My tummy looked great right away. I was able to go out for lunch the day after my surgeries and experienced minor pain and discomfort. In my extensive research, this type of recovery was really unheard of! Dr. Sterling performs miracles.

I cannot speak more highly of Dr. Sterling’s skill or ability. My results are incredible and I feel wonderful. I am so happy that I chose to take care of myself and repair my body after pregnancy. I thought I would encounter negativity after my surgeries, but women really seem to understand the importance of feeling good about ourselves after we have children. I think my children have only benefited from having a happy, confident mommy.

I highly recommend Dr. Sterling. I did my research and I am positive my results could not be better.


From the moment I walked through the doors at Sterling Plastic Surgery I felt comfortable

From the moment I walked through the doors at Sterling Plastic Surgery I felt comfortable. The office staff is warm and friendly and even when I called many times with questions they returned my calls quickly and again with much friendliness. They deal with many patients and phone calls so I know keeping up is no small tasks but they do it with smiles on their faces.

I saw 3 doctors before coming to see Dr. Sterling. Within minutes of meeting him I knew he was the right doctor for me. He listened and understood exactly what I wanted and was so confident he could give me exactly what I was asking for. Other doctors gave me multiple options and it became overwhelming at points. I’m not a doctor and as much research as I did I was still nervous to pick 1 option out of 2 or 3 that were presented to me. Dr. Sterling is outstanding and said we are going to do this, this and this and it made total sense to me. It has been about 8 weeks now and I could not be any happier. My surgery was complex as my breasts were different sizes to begin with. He did everything I asked for and I believe his experience and knowledge in this field are superb. I was back to work in 5 days and had a speedy recovery. I couldn’t ask for anything more except I wish I did it sooner! I know a few other people who had breast augmentation surgery at Sterling Plastic Surgery and they too are extremely happy and I recommend Dr. Sterling to everyone! Thank you!


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