Earlobe surgery, also referred to as an earlobe repair is a common procedure for both men and women. Candidates for earlobe surgery are any individuals who wear or have who have worn earrings — even the clip-on variety — for any length of time. The longer you wear earrings, the greater the likelihood that your earlobes will eventually stretch, resulting in a widened and possibly even split hole where the ear was originally pierced. 

This is especially true if you favor large or heavy earrings or wear ear gauges, tunnels or plugs. In either case — whether you prefer the daintiest of stud-style earrings or giant gauges — earlobe accessories can damage and deform your earlobe. If you have particularly thin earlobes you could be predisposed to earlobe problems like these, no matter your earring style or if you even wear them. 

Another common reason to pursue earlobe surgery is to correct any trauma to the earlobe. Most often, this is the result of an earring, gauge, tunnel or plug ripping through the earlobe entirely. 

Less common causes of earlobe surgery or repair are congenital conditions that can cause split or partially split earlobes. 

Fortunately, no matter the reason for the earlobe surgery, most patients can wear earrings and earlobe accessories again, post-op.

What Does an Earlobe Repair Entail?

Earlobe repair is an outpatient procedure, followed by very little or no downtime, with most patients returning to work the day after surgery. 

Using local anesthesia, Dr. Sterling will numb the earlobe before restitching the widened hole or split using skin from the surrounding area. Any pain associated with this procedure is minimal and often treated by over-the-counter pain relievers. Patients should expect very minor, if any, scarring following an earlobe repair. 

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