Non-Invasive Chin Augmentation with Restylane Defyne

Always on the cutting-edge of industry innovation, Dr. Sterling is pleased to announce that he now offers non-invasive surgical options for chin augmentation. Non-invasive, also referred to as minimally invasive chin augmentation relies on injectable dermal fillers to improve the overall appearance and symmetry of the face. Although the procedure targets the chin, the result often makes the neck look leaner and better defined, which equals a more youthful appearance. 

Relying on Restylane Defyne, Dr. Sterling is able to improve the appearance of the chin, specifically those characterized by a condition known as chin retrusion, or receding chin. People who suffer from retrogenia present with concerns that their chins project towards their neck, rather than forward, generally due to a lack of soft tissue.

Recently, the FDA approved Galderma’s Restylane Defyne for chin augmentation, following successful results in reducing laugh lines, also called marionette lines around the mouth. Now, adults over the age of 21 who suffer from mild to moderate cases of chin retrusion are potential candidates for correction with this injectable dermal filler. 

Who else is a candidate for this non-invasive chin augmentation procedure? 

Compared to other fillers on the market, Restylane Defyne is a game changer. According to board-certified dermatologist Anne Chapas, “Unlike other chin enhancements on the market, Restylane Defyne is the first and only chin filler to demonstrate results across patients with all skin types, males, and patients over the age of 52.” 

Patients who pursue this non-invasive procedure should expect the results to last for approximately one year with common side effects reported as: bruising, swelling, redness, headache, and itching at injection site; all typical of other injectable dermal fillers. 

Ultimately, all patients interested in chin augmentation will need to schedule a consult with Dr. Sterling to determine their eligibility for particular procedures. Depending on the patient, Restylane Defyne might not provide the desired results; in that case, a traditional surgical chin augmentation would be the better course of treatment. 

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