An upper body lift is, like its counterpart lower body lift, a procedure most often sought out after massive weight loss or bariatric surgery. The procedure treats saggy and loose skin on the upper arms, folds and rolls on the middle and upper back, and breast rolls. This procedure can be performed on men and women. For women, the process will sometimes include a breast lift or augmentation.

In some cases of extreme weight loss, a total body lift may be necessary. This is simply a combination of the upper and lower body lift procedures.

How Long After Bariatric Surgery Before An Upper Body Lift Can Be Performed?

Recovery times vary from person to person, and the precise details of each bariatric procedure are also unique. If you are considering this procedure after bariatric surgery, your surgeon will provide the best advice in regards to how long you should wait. If you are interested in an upper body lift after massive weight loss, the procedure is typically performed three to twelve months after your weight has stabilized. It is important to note that a body lift is not a replacement for healthy diet and exercise.

How Do You Know If An Upper Body Lift Is Right For You?

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