Ever wish you had all the right curves in all the right places? Are you finding that as time goes on areas of your buttock are flatter and droopier than they were when you happily wore your favorite summer clothes? Or maybe you never had the shape that you admired in others. Well now there is a chance you can achieve that look! Dr. Reilly has the expertise to work with you and bringing you closer to that image you’d like to see in the mirror.

Dr. John Reilly board certified plastic surgeon has years of experience performing the Brazilian butt lift procedure. You’ll meet with Dr. Reilly to discuss whether you’re a candidate for the procedure and what a detailed surgical plan would sound like and what the expectations would look like. He’ll explain everything about the process of liposuctioning the areas you are dissatisfied with that may have some extra fat and where in the buttock he would suggest it be placed to give you a rounder firmer appearing buttock similar to an upside down heart with the most narrow waist possible! 

Woman wearing a bikini at the beach, playing with her hair. The photo is taken from the back

The body you want may be closer than you think!

With years of experience performing the Brazilian butt lift, you can expect top notch results. Dr. Reilly will use photographs of your body to help determine areas best for redistributing fat for your ideal results. The Brazilian butt lift procedure also includes liposuction on the waist and lower back to accentuate your new bottom.

In addition, Dr. Reilly takes great care with each patient and applies personal attention to you. Dr. Reilly will personally meet with you for the initial consultation, along with every appointment necessary along the way. Dr. Reilly is committed to your comfort and satisfaction, and provides his clients with his personal cell phone number in case of questions or concerns.

If you’re ready for a more shapely backside, we can help! Book your consultation with Dr. Reilly today to get started with your Brazilian butt lift.

Dr. John Reilly

Meet Your Surgeon: Dr. John Reilly

Dr. Reilly has built a reputation for trusted, personalized care in Shelton, CT and the surrounding areas. His expertise in plastic surgery is a reason he was appointed as Chief, Section of Plastic Surgery at the Griffin Hospital, an affiliate of Yale New Haven Hospital.

Based on his years of experience, Dr. Reilly can help provide you with all the information needed to make an informed decision on what procedures will give you the best results. Dr. Reilly takes pride in helping transform people’s lives through improving their appearance.

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