Buttock Lift also known as Gluteoplasty

One of the most popular procedures in our office represents one of the most common cosmetic complaints – the appearance of saggy or flabby buttocks. Many patients bemoan a flat buttock area and pants that no longer fit quite right, regardless of size. A buttock lift, also known as a butt lift, is an aesthetic solution designed to enhance the overall appearance of the buttock region.

Technically referred to as gluteoplasty, a butt lift is a procedure designed to lift and tighten the skin on and around the buttock area. Whether a result of the aging process or significant weight loss, the excess skin hanging around the buttocks or upper thighs results from skin having lost its elasticity. This tissue is removed during a butt lift. Once removed, the remaining tissue is reconfigured for the desired shape and more youthful smoothness.

Although a buttock lift can help decrease the appearance of cellulite, the purpose is not to remove fat. For this reason, candidates who will get the best results from a buttock lift must already be at their ideal weight before scheduling this procedure. Healthy, non-smokers who engage in regular exercise and embrace proper nutrition generally see better results compared to others.

Unlike a Brazilian buttock lift, a traditional buttock lift does not add fatty tissue to the area for a fuller, rounder appearance. The goal of a buttock lift is tissue reduction due to the loss of skin elasticity, followed by skin reconfiguration for a tighter look and feel.

Typical recovery time takes approximately six weeks, but results might not be entirely apparent for up to a year. Patients are advised to remain at the same weight at the time of their surgery in order to see lasting results in the look and feel of their buttocks.

As with all cosmetic procedures, patients should schedule a free buttock lift consultation with Dr. Sterling to determine whether a buttock lift is right for them.

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