No matter how often you hit the gym or diligently count calories, the thigh area can remain a stubborn spot to smooth and shape. This can be especially frustrating if your fitness and weight maintenance efforts have proven effective elsewhere on your body. 

For those who feel physically disproportionate, due to excess skin or fat on the thighs, consider a consultation for a thigh lift. 

Key Candidates for a Thigh Lift

Unfortunately, a thigh lift is not designed to remove significant stores of fat and is not recommended as a weight loss surgery. In fact, the best candidates for a thigh lift are those who are at a healthy weight and are able to maintain it through proper nutrition and exercise. 

Strong skin elasticity is also important because the skin will need to conform to the new thigh contours, post-surgery. Candidates who do not have strong skin elasticity will likely be advised to pursue liposuction in conjunction with a thigh lift. 

Thigh lifts target excess skin or soft tissue found on the lateral, or outer thigh, as well as the medial or inner thigh. 

Inner Thigh vs. Outer Thigh Lift

Whether you require an inner or outer thigh lift, the basic points of the procedure are the same. To start, you will be given either general anesthesia or intravenous sedation to ensure your ultimate comfort during your thigh lift. Once administered, incisions are made dependent upon the plan determined by you and your surgeon with respect to the level of treatment required. 

For inner thigh lifts, one of two techniques will be employed. The first involves incisions in your groin, which then extend down and wrap around the thigh. The second option requires an incision from the groin to the knee, following the inseam, removing excess skin along the way. 

As with any surgery or cosmetic procedure, the best candidates for optimal results and minimal recovery are non-smokers without other medical diagnoses that risk infection or complicate the overall healing process. 

Depending on your initial consult, your surgeon may recommend a procedure called a minimal incision inner thigh lift, which requires an incision in the groin and nowhere else. 

If you are a candidate for an outer thigh lift, expect an incision that will extend from your groin, moving around your hip and around your back. 

Typically, for both inner and outer thigh lift procedures, the incisions are placed in such a way to be concealed by clothes — even swimwear. A consult with your surgeon will help you know what to expect, post-surgery. 

If you think a thigh lift is right for you, contact our office and ask for a consultation with Dr. Reilly, who will address all your questions and concerns.

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Abdominoplasty, Liposuction abdomen, thighs, Bilateral Medial Thigh Lift Age 44, pre-op weight 140
Abdominoplasty, Liposuction abdomen, thighs, Bilateral Medial Thigh Lift Age 44, pre-op weight 140
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