World Class Areola Reduction Surgery

Areola reduction, sometimes called nipple reduction, is a procedure which reduces the size of the areola, the nipple or both. It is performed as part of a breast reduction and breast lift routinely but can also be performed alone. Many times women will experience stretching of the areola, or colored portion of the breast, after childbirth and breast-feeding. If the only thing that bothers you about your breasts is enlarged areolas then this procedure is right for you.

The nice thing about areola reduction is that it can be done in our office with local anesthetic only. If you are able to have someone drive you, we can provide you with oral sedatives that make the procedure completely stress-free. Of course, if you so desire it can be done at the outpatient ambulatory surgical facility with sedation.


Is this procedure for women only?

No, men can experience enlarged areolas typically after massive weight loss. Men sometimes have enlarged nipples that protrude through clothing making them self-conscious and feel like they can’t go shirtless. This can be corrected in a very quick procedure in the office with excellent results.

Will the result be natural-appearing and long-lasting?

Since the entire scar is along the border between the pink areola and regular skin, it is well-disguised and very difficult to notice. After six to twelve months it fades to a thin, pale white line. Your results should last a lifetime unless you experience massive weight loss or breast enlargement again, and even then it is unlikely to recur.

Will I still have sensation in my nipples after this procedure?

Yes, this procedure does not involve the nerves to the nipple which enter from deep in the breast. Nipple sensation can be affected during certain types of breast reduction or mastopexy but it is very unlikely in areola reduction.

How long does the procedure take and will I have stitches that need to be removed?

Areola reduction takes approximately thirty minutes; nipple reduction slightly less time. All of your sutures will be dissolvable and you will have thin adhesive strips for a week after the procedure. You are seen back in the office one to two weeks afterward and then approximately three months later. All of your post-operative visits are included in the fee for your areola reduction.

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