The extended abdominoplasty involves not just a tummy tuck but also an added tightening of the excess skin that extends around the waist and into the flanks. Patients who have lost a massive amount of weight or have undergone obesity surgery can benefit from this procedure, which targets large folds of sagging skin and fat deposits in the abdominal area. Though it may seem similar to a body lift, the extended abdominoplasty does not address the outer thighs or buttocks of the patient.

Typically, an incision will be made across the abdomen that will extend around the back of the hips. Since this procedure often involves the removal of large amounts of sagging skin, the patient’s belly button may be moved to aesthetically match the new body shape.

What is a circumferential surgery?

Circumferential refers to the nature of the incision—in this particular procedure, circling around the waist and back—so that all problem areas can be treated at the same time.  The extended abdominoplasty should be considered “near-circumferential” in contrast to circumferential body lift.

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