Labia Reduction After Childbirth: More Common Than You Might Expect

Labia reduction after childbirth is likely the most common time for this procedure to be performed. Even pre-pregnancy, oversized labia is not especially rare. There can certainly be serious psychological effects, however, if a woman thinks her labia is too big. As a result, she may suffer from depression or a damaged sense of self-confidence.

Some women are born with larger labia, some develop growth due to increased hormone levels during pregnancy. During delivery, as well, the labia can stretch out, later causing discomfort—or even pain—in tight clothing and underwear. In some cases, the oversized labia can form tiny pockets that trap bodily fluids and cause urinary tract infections.

Only you can decide if labia reduction is right for you, but Sterling Plastic Surgery can help you make that decision.

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