A labiaplasty revision—which is a labia reduction surgery after one has already been performed—can be done for a number of reasons. Hormones during pregnancy sometimes cause labia to enlarge, even if the woman has had a prior labiaplasty procedure. A revision can also be necessary in the case of improper post-operative healing, due to such factors as infection or fluid buildup. Additionally, very few surgeons are as qualified and widely experienced as Dr. Sterling, and in some instances, a previous surgery performed by another doctor may not deliver results the patient expected.

Only you can decide if labiaplasty revision is right for you, but Sterling Plastic Surgery can help you make that decision.

How Long After a Labiaplasty Should a Patient Wait Before Seeking a Revision?

Though no two patients or procedures are the same, labiaplasties may take anywhere between eight weeks and six months to fully heal. During this time, swelling may remain prominent. It is recommended a patient wait at least through the healing process before considering a revision, as the shape and consistency of the labia will continue to change until full recovery has completed.

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