Chin Implant

If you’ve recently lost weight, you might notice that your chin suddenly seems out of place. Significant weight loss can be something to celebrate, but sometimes comes with unforeseen consequences. In this case, and in order to put your best face forward, you might consider a chin implant, also known as chin augmentation, mentoplasty, or simply chin surgery.

No matter what you call it, this procedure was created to change the contour of your chin. Although you can elect to just have a chin implant, sometimes patients opt to combine their chin surgery with a nose job to achieve a greater overall effect.

Check out what’s involved with a chin implant and consider whether you might be the perfect candidate for this popular procedure.

Chin Up!

Increasingly popular, chin implant procedures involve minimal time, pain, and recovery. A quick procedure, minimally invasive, chin implants are created from a material called silastic. Thanks to its durability, chin implants are long-lasting, in most cases upwards of twenty years. In fact, the majority of patients do not need to ever replace their original chin implant.

The chin augmentation procedure involves your doctor Inserting the implant via a small incision beneath the chin; however, some implants can also be fitted through the mouth. Depending on your specific face shape, your doctor will choose from a variety of implant shapes and sizes, selecting the one that fits your unique structure. This step will be completed during your initial

Chin contouring, courtesy of a carefully selected chin implant, can restore your confidence in your appearance, especially following a significant weight loss transformation. Of course, a consultation with your doctor is the first step in establishing peace of mind with this process.

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