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When most of us decide to make a change, that change can’t happen fast enough. This is especially true of cosmetic procedures, which many people deliberate over for quite a while before ever even scheduling a consultation. Once booked, however, the desire to realize results as quickly as possible is very real. 

One way to fasttrack your results is to consider a combination procedure, like a tummy tuck with mastopexy. Combination procedures are designed to target similar symptoms that are present on different areas of the body. Because these areas are in close proximity to each other, the symptoms often seem exacerbated, inspiring some patients to adopt a “two birds with one stone” mentality to cosmetic solutions. 

Forces Combined for Faster Results

Sometimes the aesthetics of a particular body area are impacted by another area. In the case of a combination tummy tuck/mastopexy, the breast tissue is negatively impacting the look of the abdominals. For that reason, some patients elect to have both procedures done at once. 

A tummy tuck, clinically referred to as an abdominoplasty, is often pursued by women eager to correct abdominal changes following childbirth or considerable weight loss. Similarly, pregnancy can also cause saggy or deflated breasts, which can be corrected by a mastopexy procedure, commonly known as a breast lift. 

Patients often describe saggy breasts as hanging, visibly pulled down by gravity. While pregnancy and breastfeeding are prime causes of these complaints, other factors like genetics, weight loss or gain, and the natural aging process are also common culprits. This “breast hang” is diagnosed as ptosis and graded on a scale I-III. Where you fall (pun intended) is determined by the position of your nipple relative to the inframammary crease — the fold beneath your breast.  

Electing a combination abdominoplasty/mastopexy is a great way to see significant results sooner, which might also motivate your other personal health goals by giving you a boost of confidence in your appearance. 

Dr. Sterling specializes in combined procedures that other surgeons in the area don’t perform. These cases are scheduled as the first of the day so patients can recover safely all day prior to being discharged home late in the afternoon. Excellent and safe results in the outpatient setting for these combined cases have been provided for Dr. Sterling’s patients for the last 15 years.

Curious about booking a combination procedure? Get your questions answered by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Sterling, who will take the necessary time to consider and discuss your options with you. 


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