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Brazilian butt lifts remain a popular procedure in plastic surgery. There are several other types of buttock enhancements, known commonly as “butt lifts,” that can also change the shape of the buttocks, especially those caused by aging or deflation of the buttock tissues.

Standard Butt Lift (Gluteoplasty)

A basic butt lift, also known as a gluteoplasty, is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures. Whether caused by significant weight loss or normal aging, the skin around the buttocks can become saggy and inelastic, or desired volume was never present. Similar to breast lifts and tummy tucks, removing excess skin from around the buttocks can lift them, remove wrinkles, and give better shape.

Particularly if a butt lift is done after weight loss, it is important to minimize weight changes afterward. 

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

The Brazilian butt lift, often called a BBL, remains a very popular procedure due to its multiple benefits. To perform a BBL, liposuction is first performed on areas of the body where there is an excess of fat. That fat is then placed in the buttock to improve shape and contour. It is always done in combination with Liposuction of the low back and waist to dramatically improve the proportions of the back and buttock. The procedure leaves minimal visible scarring.

Brazilian Butt Lift with 360 Lipo

Brazilian butt lift with Lipo 360 can really change the shape and proportions of the body. Liposuction 360 refers to 360° or a complete circle, meaning Liposuction is performed on the abdominal wall, the flanks, and the back for those who have excess fat in these areas. It does not require any specialized equipment. This fat is then injected into the fat layer of the buttock to improve its shape. Shape is always better appreciated than size.

Butt Implants

A less common procedure, butt implants (Warwick implants) are just what they sound like. Implants designed for the buttocks provide shape and volume. Unless this procedure is done in concert with other procedures, such as liposuction or gluteoplasty, the changes are based on the size and contour of the implants used. They are less common because they have more complications than other procedures, and most patients do better using their own fat.

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