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Our Offered Breast Implant Profiles

We know that the choice for breast augmentation is specific to you, your wishes, and the current shape of your body. While researching breast augmentation, some options are harder to determine than others. What’s the difference between moderate plus profile breast implants and high profile breast implants?

What is a profile?

The term “profile” relates to the way the implant looks during a profile view — meaning from the side — also known as the amount of projection off of the front of the chest. “Moderate” refers to a moderate profile breast implant. You can have a “low” profile implant that sits relatively flat in regards to where it lies on the body, a “moderate” profile, which tends to have the most natural looking results, and finally a “high” profile, which has the most narrow base and provides the most round and projected type of breast implant. A higher profile breast implant will create a more prominent silhouette rather than a lower profile breast implant.

What type of profile is best for me?

The specific type of profile – as well as implant size, shape, and texture – used in any breast augmentation procedure will depend greatly on your surgeon’s expertise and experience, and the patient’s general body shape. While we can speak about generalities when it comes to breast implants and what types of bodies tend to work well with certain types of breast implants, ultimately it comes down to what your body shape looks like currently and what you imagine your optimal final results to look like. If you would like to discuss the correct breast implant profile for you, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

Our Offered Profiles

At Sterling Plastic Surgery, we offer three profiles of breast implant: Moderate Plus Profile, High Profile, and Ultra High Profile.

Moderate Plus Profile

In some cases, moderate plus profile implants are the appropriate choice for breast augmentation. Typically Mentor Moderate Plus Profile breast implants are recommended for women with wider frames. Mentor’s moderate plus implants are some of the most common profile types used. Using a set-fill volume and proprietary silicone gel to deliver consistent results, these implants provide an exceedingly natural and perky appearance. As with all Mentor MemoryGel® types, the silicone gel is a proprietary substance that retains shape while maintaining the look and feel of natural breast tissue, FDA approved, and completely safe.

Moderate Plus Xtra Profile

Mentor’s MemoryGel® Moderate Plus Xtra profile implants are a great step between high profile and moderate plus profile. These implants offer more fullness and projection than moderate plus, but less than high profile.

High Profile

Mentor’s MemoryGel® high profile implants are an ideal option for women who are seeking full, round projection with a gentle slope for a natural and youthful appearance. These implants have a narrow base with outward projection slightly less than that of ultra high implants. With a set-fill volume, these implants provide consistent and predictable results.
Filled with a proprietary silicone gel that resembles the natural give of breast tissue, Mentor’s implants are safe and approved for use by the FDA. As well as optional augmentation procedures, they can be used both for breast reconstruction after mastectomies, and revision surgeries to repair a previous breast augmentation.

High Xtra Profile

Mentor’s High Xtra profile implants are a great in between profile which offer less projection and fullness than ultra high profile, but more projection and fullness than ultra high profile.

Ultra High Profile

For some women, ultra high profile breast implants offer the fullness and forward projection they are seeking. However, it is important to note that the desired implant size, as well as the narrowness of the patient’s chest (and general body shape) can influence the physician’s decision as to which profile type is used. Ultra high profiles, for example, are ideal for patients with narrow chests. Like all other profiles, Mentor MemoryGel Ultra High Profile implants are made of a silicone gel that looks and feels natural, is FDA approved, and entirely safe to use.

Breast Implant Profiles

Why We Don’t Offer Moderate Profile Implants

At Sterling Plastic Surgery, we want you to look your best. Making the decision to have plastic surgery isn’t a light one, especially when it comes to breast augmentation. Dr. Sterling has made the decision not to offer moderate profile implants due to their size and nature. We have found that moderate profile implants are too wide and flat, and do not mimic the appearance of natural breast tissue, even when filled at the lowest volume.

Along with a variety of profiles, we also offer choices when it comes to material and breast implant type. Read about our offered breast implant brands and types by clicking here.

I was referred to Dr. Sterling. The individual was very pleased and benefitted greatly from his expertise in performing breast reductions. My experience was extremely positive as well. Dr. Sterling’s office staff was courteous, knowledgeable and helpful. Dr. Sterling provided me with his cell number and called me at my home after discharge from the hospital to be sure I was recouping without complication… read more


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