Belly and Weight Loss

Liposuction, also known as suction-assisted lipectomy or lipo, is a popular cosmetic procedure that removes fat from hard-to-lose areas of the body. I perform tumescent Liposuction which is the most commonly performed type of liposuction and has been providing excellent, safe and consistent results for over 30 years. During your consultation we will discuss your areas of concern and what can be done to achieve your desired results.

Liposuction is often used to rid fat in the abdomen, flanks, hips, thighs, arms and chin with excellent results. It is less commonly performed below the knees but can also be done achieving excellent results if care is taken in these delicate areas. When performed properly one can expect good results from standard liposuction in almost any area of the body provided one is a good candidate to begin with.

Variables to be considered prior to performing liposuction are the quality and amount of skin overlying the area to be liposuctioned. If there is a large amount of excess skin, particularly skin with stretch marks or overhang, it is difficult to achieve a good result. This is because poor quality skin has lost its elastic properties and does not retract as well as skin that has not be excessively stretched or overly thinned. A combination of liposuction
with perhaps a limited resection of the skin can give an excellent result in some of these situations. Small, focal areas like the chin and jowls may be treated in the office if you prefer.

Large volume liposuction, which is considered liposuction of any volume over five liters, can significantly decrease the abdominal girth which allows one to fit and feel better in their clothing. This can in turn encourage one to participate in exercise activities more often. Usually the removal of large amounts of fat by liposuction can leave some loose skin but that can certainly be addressed when the person is at or near a relatively ideal weight.

Liposuction is not a substitute for healthy living or a weight loss procedure. Rather, it is a way to shed fat in certain regions when dieting and exercise needs a helping hand. Some patients consider liposuction so that it will give them more energy and the ability to exercise longer without the added fullness in target areas.

Many variations of liposuction are heavily advertised wherein a laser, ultrasound or heated probe is touted as offering a better result. What they don’t tell you is that standard liposuction is performed after the “magic wand” is applied and in most cases you would have gotten the same result without what many plastic surgeons consider an advertising gimmick.

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