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For a number of reasons, many women feel like gravity has taken over their bodies, specifically their breasts. Sagging breasts, often accompanied by enlarged areolas can be confidence- crushers, not to mention physically uncomfortable.

We look at how you can get back at gravity with a breast lift, which will reduce the size of both your breasts and areolas. If you’re ready to fight back against gravity’s persistent pull, check out what’s involved with a safe and effective breast lift.

What’s with the Sagging, Anyway?

Over time, female breasts can sag for a variety of reasons. As a natural part of the aging process, sagging is often sped up by pregnancy, breastfeeding, and even weight loss or gain. For some women, sagging breasts are just a part of their DNA, coded into their genetics no different than eye or hair color. None of this means you have to settle for breasts that sag or leave you feeling self-conscious.

The Sagging Solution: A Breast Lift

There is a solution for sagging breasts, clinically diagnosed as ptosis. Graded on a scale ranging from I-III, your doctor will determine the severity of your sagging by evaluating the position of your nipple in comparison with your inframammary crease — the fold beneath your breast.

Even if your breasts have sagged significantly, the position of your nipple might be relatively unchanged. If the bulk of your breast tissue is now at the bottom of your breast, resulting in a flat upper portion, known as pseudoptosis, you might consider a breast lift, also called a mastopexy.

Another symptom of sagging breasts is asymmetry, both in breast size and/or position. In this case, a breast lift will help balance them out and also reduce enlarged areolas at the same time.

By opting for a breast lift, you’re electing to eliminate the extra loose skin in and around your breasts, as well as shift and reshape the areolas. Ultimately, a breast lift results in a tighter, more natural shape that will look and feel closer to the contours you started with.

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