Areola reduction

Reasons to Opt for an Areola Reduction

Like any cosmetic procedure or plastic surgery, the decision to opt for areola reduction is a personal one. Motivated by a variety of factors for both men and women, areola reduction is a procedure that minimizes the size of the areola or nipple; in some cases, both. 

While some of our patients elect to have an areola reduction as part of a breast lift or breast reduction, some book an areola reduction exclusively. 

What's the difference between silicone and saline implants infographic

Which is best? Silicone vs. Saline Implants

If breast augmentation is on your holiday wish list, you might be wondering which type of breast implant is best — silicone or saline? As with most cosmetic procedures, there isn’t a single answer to this question. Often, the best option is dependent on each patient. Even so, there are some important distinctions to know between the two, which might help you decide which type of implant you prefer. 

Check out our helpful guide and graphic to learn the difference between silicone and saline breast implants.

Mondor's Cords

Making Sense of Mondor’s Cords

If you’re considering breast augmentation, you might have been cautioned about Mondor’s cords, also known as Mondor’s disease or thrombophlebitis. However you refer to it, Mondor’s is considerably rare and likely not something you will have to worry about, especially given its benign nature. 

Here, we offer a quick explanation of this condition, which will hopefully provide you with plenty of peace of mind to schedule your consultation or surgery. 


How to Evaluate Before and After Breast Augmentation Photos

When considering a significant surgical procedure like breast augmentation, it can be overwhelming to examine before and after photos, trying to envision what your results might look like. For this reason, Dr. Sterling Provides a broad spectrum of body and breast shapes and sizes. A real-life, busy breast practice isn’t just “perfect small breasts that become perfect bigger breasts”. All breasts are different whether due to age, childbirth, weight change or simply our genetics. Dr. Sterling has treated all of those throughout his career.

It’s critical to remember that individual results do vary from patient to patient, due to body type, symmetry, and the extent of the breast augmentation. For instance, while one patient might be interested in a subtle change, close enough to their natural shape, another could demand a more dramatic and noticeable outcome. 

Looking through before and after photos is a smart strategy ahead of your surgery; however, you should know what you’re looking for… 

Breast Header

Get Back at Gravity with a Breast Lift

For a number of reasons, many women feel like gravity has taken over their bodies, specifically their breasts. Sagging breasts, often accompanied by enlarged areolas can be confidence- crushers, not to mention physically uncomfortable.

We look at how you can get back at gravity with a breast lift, which will reduce the size of both your breasts and areolas. If you’re ready to fight back against gravity’s persistent pull, check out what’s involved with a safe and effective breast lift. (more…)

Topless Woman with Boxing Gloves

Breast Implants — Better Below or Above the Muscle?

During client consultations, we often discuss breast implant placement and whether breast implants are better positioned beneath or above the muscle. When it comes to determining proper breast implant placement, submuscular (below) vs. subglandular (above), there is no one size fits all. Granted, the majority of breast implants are placed beneath the muscle; however, in some specific cases, it’s appropriate to place them above. A few key factors, like athletic activity, postpartum conditions, and ptosis, make the case for the subglandular placement of breast implants. (more…)

Black and White Adult Woman in a Bra

Can I Get Breast Implants Without Getting a Breast Lift?

The short answer? Absolutely.

Many women get breast implants without needing a breast lift, also known as a mastopexy. As with all plastic surgery matters, the decision is a personal one. However, some doctors might recommend a breast lift in order to realize better results for their patients. If so, a breast lift will likely be discussed as an option either during or following the breast implant procedure. The timing is somewhat irrelevant as a mastopexy performed during or post-augmentation delivers the same results.


Biofilms Cause Havoc for Breast Implants

Recent statistics show as many as 60-thousand patients a year  experience capsular contracture in the United States alone. It’s the most common complication of aesthetic and reconstructive breast implant surgery. The nearly 20 percent of  patients who develop capsular contracture *(see note below) will see signs of breast firmness, shape distortion, and sometimes pain within the first two years of breast implant surgery.