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Pregnancy changes your body, in both short and long term. From stretching skin to sagging breasts, some changes may feel permanent. A Mommy Makeover combines several common procedures often sought out by new moms. No matter what, there are a few things you need to know when preparing for this procedure.

The Procedures Involved Can Vary

Mommy Makeovers usually involve a tummy tuck and breast lift, but there are many variations. Often they include liposuction; some may include breast augmentation or reduction as well as a lift. At Sterling, our Mommy Makeovers typically include labia reduction as well. Make sure you do your research to determine what combination of procedures will be best for your needs. Also, don’t forget that different procedures will change your experience of recovery!

Wait Until You’re Done Having Kids

While you can have children following an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), the additional stretching of skin caused by pregnancy may result in less than ideal final results. If you know you plan to have another child, it is best to wait! In addition, you will want to wait until your body has recovered from pregnancy and you have lost excess pregnancy weight before undergoing surgery. This is because major changes in body weight after surgery will stretch your skin much like pregnancy!

Plan For Your Recovery

Any surgical procedure requires time for recovery. When you have small children, everyday tasks may become much more difficult. Taking it easy for 3-4 weeks (or even going one week without picking up your kid) can be a challenge for a busy mom! Especially if you are a single parent or your co-parent will be working during the day, plan to have a friend or family member stay with you for the first week or two to help and give you time to rest.

Full recovery can last months

Just like recovering from pregnancy and childbirth, a major surgery requires time for your body to recover! The initial recovery period is generally 3–4 weeks, but you may experience signs that your body hasn’t fully recovered after that, as well. Some symptoms of your body’s healing process, like numbness in your abdominal area, can take 6–12 months to resolve. 

Breast Position May Change

Depending on how your body responds to pregnancy and your breast size before pregnancy, you may want a breast list along or a breast lift with augmentation. Especially with augmentation, you may find that you are surprised or uncomfortable with the position of the implants immediately after surgery. Within the first several months of recovery, as swelling is reduced in your body, the remaining breast tissues (and implants, if applicable) will settle.

Like any cosmetic surgery procedure, a Mommy Makeover is a big commitment. We encourage you to check out our blog, view our before-and-after galleries, and contact us to request a consultation to learn more!


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