Labia reduction: Solving a very private postpartum problem

As if pregnancy and delivery — whether natural or via c-section — wasn’t stressful and transformative enough… 

Most, if not all, women struggle with the physical changes that commonly result from the whole experience. While many women worry about the appearance of loose skin following rapid weight gain and subsequent loss, others are very aware and concerned with the changes to their breasts, particularly if they opt to breastfeed their babies. 

What isn’t discussed so much is the equally real and, for some women, worrisome changes that play out in their most private places, postpartum. 

Luckily, labia reduction can help remedy any perceived postpartum problems, and this procedure is one that Dr. Sterling has extensive experience in providing for his patients. 

Considering how a labia reduction might impact your life after baby? 

Check out a few fast facts about labia reduction after childbirth… 

Postpartum Labia Reduction

To be clear, women commonly report concerns about the size of their labia before pregnancy or childbirth; however, labia reduction is very common following a delivery. 

Often, increased hormone levels during pregnancy are the cause of enlarged labia; certainly the process of vaginal delivery can also impact the size and shape of the labia, which sometimes results in pain during intercourse or even while wearing certain clothes or undergarments. 

For many women, even the perception of oversized labia can result in unnecessary psychological distress amounting to feeling self conscious or depressed. 

Physically, if the labia are actually enlarged following pregnancy, a woman might experience increased incidences of urinary tract infections due to trapped bodily fluids.

Undoubtedly, the decision to pursue labia reduction is a very personal one; however, Dr. Sterling has performed many of these procedures and is committed to having honest conversations with his prospective patients about whether labia reduction is right for them. 

Whether you’re ready to book your labia reduction or would rather wait and schedule a consultation with Dr. Sterling, our team is standing by to support you!

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