Spill it or Stay Quiet? How to talk to unsupportive friends and family about plastic surgery

How to talk to unsupportive friends and family about plastic surgery

The decision to schedule plastic surgery is a deeply personal one, no matter the motivation behind it, and rarely is it made lightly or in haste. In fact, most people spend considerable time weighing their options, researching surgeons, and talking to others who have undergone plastic surgery before they even schedule a consultation.

That’s why dealing with unsupportive friends or family can feel not only frustrating, but also hurtful. Your decision to disclose your plan for plastic surgery is entirely yours to make as the procedure and reasoning behind it is private. 

However, if you feel that the result or any requisite downtime will be too noticeable, go ahead and share your journey, but do so with the following tips in mind: 

Patient undergoing anesthesia

What to Know About Anesthesia

If you’re preparing for surgery, you’ve probably done a lot of research into the procedure you’re planning for: but what about anesthesia? Anesthesia is used to refer to any medication or medications that are used during a medical procedure to make you unconscious or insensate. They are a vital part of any surgery and many inpatient procedures. Learn what to expect before, during, and after a medical procedure involving anesthesia.


Four Tips on When To Get Plastic Surgery

Choosing to pursue plastic surgery can be a big decision, and once you have, you might want to jump right in with both feet. But wait! Plastic surgery procedures can have a wide range of recovery times and can impact your life for months after the surgery, even if you don’t have any unexpected experiences. Planning your surgery date carefully can help you to have less stress during your recovery period! Read on for four tips on how to plan the timing of your procedure.


How to Prepare for Your Plastic Surgery Consult

Any medical procedure is likely to be overwhelming, and plastic surgery is no exception! One of the early stages in the process of getting plastic surgery—but probably a long while after you first started considering cosmetic surgery—is your first consultation with a plastic surgeon. A consult gives the doctor an opportunity to make recommendations based on your body and medical history, and it gives you an opportunity to get a sense of how that doctor and clinic approach their work. Read on for five tips to help you prepare for your consultation.