When considering a significant surgical procedure like breast augmentation, it can be overwhelming to examine before and after photos, trying to envision what your results might look like. For this reason, Dr. Sterling Provides a broad spectrum of body and breast shapes and sizes. A real-life, busy breast practice isn’t just “perfect small breasts that become perfect bigger breasts”. All breasts are different whether due to age, childbirth, weight change or simply our genetics. Dr. Sterling has treated all of those throughout his career.

It’s critical to remember that individual results do vary from patient to patient, due to body type, symmetry, and the extent of the breast augmentation. For instance, while one patient might be interested in a subtle change, close enough to their natural shape, another could demand a more dramatic and noticeable outcome. 

Looking through before and after photos is a smart strategy ahead of your surgery; however, you should know what you’re looking for… 

Seeing Double

In other words, try to find a patient who is physically similar to you. Pay close attention to breast shape and body type. The importance of this exercise is to help you better picture what your results will realistically look like. Scope out similar proportions and symmetry; regardless of a patient’s individual shape, you should be able to tell which photo is the after shot. 

Focus on the Big Picture

Although it’s worthwhile to find your “twin,” so-to-speak, you’ll also want to check out the results across all body types. Scrutinize the diversity of the photos; if every patient represents the same aesthetic, more or less, you might want to review a different plastic surgeon’s portfolio. 

Search for Scars

No matter what, surgeries leave scars. What you’re looking for in these before and after photos is minimal scarring that is easy to cover up once fully recovered. Imagine these patients wearing a bikini or tank top. Would scars show or has the surgeon done an effective job of placing the incisions in inconspicuous areas? 

A word of warning: just as you should never judge a book by its cover, you should never assume a photo gallery tells the whole story. Schedule a consultation with the plastic surgeon you prefer in order to ask questions and isolate answers specific to your unique situation. 

Contact our office to speak with Dr. Sterling about your breast augmentation options and feel confident that your after photo will exceed your expectations.


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